The idea of CASTLE was first born on in early November of 2016 on a IDIS340 trip to Womack Machine and Supply. Zachary Ray, Damian Gonzales, Michelle Deveau, and Jimmy Buckler were discussing their involvement on campus and our desire to give back to the community and came up with the idea of starting a new organization on campus that would give others the chance to also serve others while creating friendships that will last beyond college. After proposing the idea to the rest of their group T5G4 and our former advisor Bob Borsh, CASTLE was well on its way to being a recognized organization on Texas A&M's campus 


Since our founding, we have added hundreds of members to the CASTLE family and are continually growing every year. Although we are still in our fourth year, we believe we have a strong foundation created for future Aggie generations to have multiple opportunities in Leadership roles from community service, guest speakers, and being active throughout the Aggie Community.  



This year we have been so fortunate enough to have a philanthropy with a local organization called Health for All. Our advisor, Melissa Daigneault has personally worked with them and we are so excited to give back to our community with them. We will still be involved in multiple service events/projects throughout the year so that every member can find something they are passionate about. Some events we have done in the past include: The 12th Can Food Pantry, Hurricane Harvey Relief, Big Event, Salvation Army Christmas Angel, School Supplies Drive, Adopt-a-Street clean ups, and more


We have a variety of social events including: formal, tailgates, date parties, intramural teams, and more! We also have big/little families that you get to pref in order to help you get close to other CASTLE members.


We have 4 different committees within CASTLE that members are apart of: Service, Social, Public Relations, and Internal Relations

The Requirements/COVID-19 Update:

Abiding by the universities rules, we have planned to return to in-person meetings this spring semester. We are so excited to be face-to-face with our members again! As an organization, we prioritize the safety of our members and will continue to monitor if circumstances change. To be considered an active member, you must attend 5/7 of our meetings and get at least 3 social points, 3 service points, 2 recruitment points, 1 IR point, and 1 PR point. 


If this sounds like something you're interested in, please continue to the Application Page to begin your application to become a CASTLE Member!