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We have 4 different committees within CASTLE that members are apart of: Service, Social, Public Relations, and Internal Relations


This year we have been so fortunate enough to have a philanthropy with a local organization called REACH. We will still be involved in multiple service events/projects throughout the year so that every member can find something they are passionate about. Some events we have done in the past include: The Brazos Valley Food Bank, Big Event, Habitat for Humanity, School Supplies Drive, Adopt-a-Street clean ups, and more!


We have a variety of social events including: formal, tailgates, date parties, intramural teams, and more! We also have big/little families that you get to pref in order to help you get close to other CASTLE members.

Public Relations:

Public Relations manages the Instagram and helps design merchandise for the organization.

Internal Relations:

Internal relations is in charge of member only events and bonding! They work on profit shares and intramurals.


If this sounds like something you're interested in, please continue to the Application Page to begin your application to become a CASTLE Member!

We strive to have good friendships and good times.  
We strive to help our members grow as dynamic leaders.
We strive to advocate for those in need, stand for others, and serve our community.


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